Learn why two interconnected programs use two different software approaches.

Utilizing MDController (on-premise middleware), Device Insights, NeoraHealth’s first cloud-based platform, securely sends data from medical devices to a remote cloud server to automate manual data processes and provide analytics. What does this mean?

MDController (On-Premise): The Lab’s Computer


This program runs on a dedicated computer within the laboratory and transfers data to Device Insights. When the computer is turned off, the MDController program stops running. The program can only be accessed/modified from the dedicated system.

Device Insights (Cloud): NeoraHealth’s Server


This program runs on one of NeoraHealth’s remote servers and receives data from MDController. Our servers will rarely, if ever, be inaccessible. Securely access and login to the program at any time from any device with an internet connection.


Each program fulfills a different need and, thus, benefits from running in a different way.




The program only connects devices to databases behind the scenes; it does not analyze data or monitor devices. Moreover, the middleware may need physical connectivity options when connecting with certain devices (i.e. USB) that can only be accomplished via a dedicated physical computer. Thus, adding cloud capabilities would not serve to benefit anyone.

Device Insights


Adding cloud capabilities allow even traveling managers and/or technicians to access the lab’s data in real-time. Since a dedicated computer is already in use, there is no need to physically limit the software to one computer. By utilizing the cloud, Device Insights affects the lab’s computers as little as possible—there is no need to store large, generated reports on-site.


When combined, the programs offer labs the best of both worlds—a dedicated system to connect databases and devices and a cloud-based platform to access reports and device status from anytime, anywhere, any device with an internet connection.