Connectivity has been realized. Now automate data processes with Device Insights.

After purchasing MDController, the laboratory has realized increased efficiency and reduced errors via the implementation of bi-directional communication. Technicians work more efficiently now that some mundane tasks are out of the way. Perhaps it is now possible to process more orders with a tighter turnaround time. Still, the responsibilities of quality assurance and control procedures, compliance reports, manual data collection and processing, and possibly even temperature and humidity monitoring across multiple locations are time-consuming endeavors. The potential for further increasing productivity, efficiency, and processing capacity is present. MDController has already established connectivity. All that’s needed now is a platform to leverage this connectivity to analyze and automate data processes. Neora Health is proud to present Device Insights.

As a modular cloud-based platform supported by on-premise MDController middleware, Device Insights allows hospitals, labs, and clinics to collect Analytics, monitor Device Status, and automate Quality Control & Automation of Compliance Procedures over an easy-to-use mobile interface.

  • Quality Control
    • Automate Quality Assurance and Control Procedures across all Laboratory Devices with our Quality Control Module.
  • Smart Monitoring
    • Our Smart Monitoring Module Provides Outlets and Automates the Creation of Compliance Reports while Monitoring the Temperature and Humidity across all Lab Locations.
  • Applied Analytics
    • Our Applied Analytics Methods and Tools can be used to Automate all Manual Data Collection and Processing Steps.

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