Device Insights Features

Device Insights is a modular, cloud-based platform powered by Microsoft Azure and supported by our on-premise MDController middleware. Each module addresses specific laboratory requirements, automating manual data processes and providing analytics.

Quality Control Module

Automate quality assurance and control procedures across all laboratory devices with our quality control module.

Smart Monitoring Module

Monitor temperature and humidity across all lab locations, creating alerts and generating compliance reports.

Smart Maintenance Module

Our methods are used to organize, schedule, remind & document compliance reports for all machine maintenance.

MDController Features

Our on-premise MDController middleware is an easy-to-use, feature-rich laboratory connectivity solution.


Real-time bi-directional communication via Ethernet, WI-FI, RS232 & USB.

Multiple Devices

Simultaneously connect with multiple medical devices.


Authentication and authorization is enabled to comply with HIPAA standards.


Provides API(s) to easily integrate with existing EMR/LIS system via ASTM, HL7, or customized protocols.


Eliminate errors by directly transmitting data between medical devices and EMR/LIS databases.


Save time by transmitting thousands of results per minute.