As innovation increases, so must interoperability.

Medical device manufacturers have always offered a wide variety of solutions to healthcare providers. However, the rapid adoption and increase of technological solutions within the medical field, despite of all its promises, introduces a new problem: interoperability. As new start-ups gain traction in the field, established suppliers will either choose to 1) support new programs and databases to integrate with the new players or 2) purposefully ignore their development in the hope of maintaining their market share—keeping new solutions niche solutions.

From the business standpoint, option b makes the most sense. However, for medical and healthcare providers, this option means additional difficulty in providing next-generation solutions to increase efficiency via automation. As such, updating medical devices and software quickly becomes like a jigsaw puzzle, only most of the time an unsolvable one—encouraging healthcare providers to maintain outdated, inefficient systems.

For these reasons, NeoraHealth supports interoperability throughout all its products. To learn more, visit our Homepage or Contact Us.