Patient wearable devices are the future of patient monitoring.

The healthcare industry is quickly adapting and implementing newly developed technology to automate procedures, boosting efficiency by giving additional time to the practice. Of these new technologies, integrating the IoT (Internet of Things) into the medical field promises many benefits. Specifically, patient wearable devices are poised to improve patient monitoring and treatment through increased data collection and connectivity.

While the first IoT devices to enter into a health-related industry were designed for fitness enthusiasts, such as GPS running watches and wearable sleep monitors, clinics and hospitals are now realizing the potential said devices hold in monitoring patients within their care and in recovering from treatment. For instance, patients who have recently received a heart transplant can be monitored 24/7 via a wireless heart monitor, along with those who have been recently released from the hospital for the same reason. Just as heart rate can be monitored, so can blood pressure, temperature, glucose levels, etc. As a result, IoT devises promise:

  • Constant, reliable monitoring
  • Versatility
  • Minimal invasiveness
  • Affordability

While the physical devices are important, the program used to collect, sort, and make sense of the device data is more so. Device Insights, our next-generation platform, provides central management of data & analytics on data generated via patient wearable devices. Contact Us to learn more.