Prevent automation attempts from failing with this checklist.

Although most, if not all, clinical laboratories wish to realize automation to increase productivity and workflow, sometimes automation attempts fail. When they do, it is typically for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a thorough understanding of the lab’s needs was never communicated; perhaps sufficient research was not conducted. No matter the reason, there are certain guidelines to follow to reduce failing an attempt at automating your practice.

  • Conduct research to understand the lab’s current environment
    • review lab processes
    • reveal lab costs
    • evaluate customer expectations
    • discover peak hours
    • map and time workflow
  • Optimize current processes in preparation for automation
    • eliminate bottlenecks and time wasters
    • simplify complex operations, where possible
    • identify and implement possible solutions
  • Determine needs
    • what slows workflow the most?
    • which process requires the most resources?
    • can maintenance be optimized?
    • can sample handling be optimized?
    • is the current facility suitable?
  • Implement solution
    • consider a variety of solutions
    • narrow considerations and contact for quotes
    • evaluate costs and determine to or not to invest

For a more in-depth overview, refer to the ARUP Webinbar Slideshow.

Alternatively, our Applied Analytics module can be leveraged to assist in this process while providing needed solutions to the clinical laboratory.