A short reference sheet for quality control procedures with Device Insights.

QC is perhaps the most important routine within the lab. Without it, the lab’s machines will not produce accurate results—all machines, no matter how complex or simplistic, are subject to trends, shifts, and random errors.

It is the laboratory’s job to constantly and consistently ensure that valid data is produced from samples. Our Quality Control module automates much of the quality control process for laboratories worldwide. While our module does not alter the necessary quality control procedures—see below—our module automates them: providing increased efficiency while eliminating manual sources of error.



Ensure that all sections of the laboratory are in compliance with machine and sample requirements. Take samples manually or via our Smart Monitoring module.

Viability of Patient Samples

Check records to indicate if testing samples are still viable.

Quality Control Samples

Acquire viable quality control samples. Follow the laboratory’s regulations for preparation.

Machine Testing

Conduct machine testing by following laboratory regulations. With Device Insights, multiple machines may be tested simultaneously.


Review results, checking to see if they meet the lab’s criteria for accuracy.


Calibrate any machines not producing acceptable data manually or with the assistance of Device Insights.


Note: Every lab follows different QC procedures; ensuring compliance with lab procedures and regulations before following this outline. This outline is meant to serve as a general overview, not as a binding guide or checklist to follow.