Security and interoperability are two conflicting ideals.

Interoperability presents security concerns, further complicating the healthcare’s industry push for both ideals. Here are the current issues regarding security as it relates to interoperability:

  • Communication
    • Wireless communication potentially exposes devices to security threats
      • Unauthorized access to data is made possible
      • Malicious scrips could be uploaded to devices/databases
        • If communication directly involves the internet, anyone anywhere in the world could potentially undertake the above actions
      • Wired communication is not foolproof
        • Wired communication is more secure, but still exposes devices to on-premise security threats.
      • Devices are links; the weakest link presents the threat
        • The more devices interface with one another, the higher probability of an insecure device attached is present.

The solutions to these issues is to ensure device compliance with security standards, coupled with best practice and ethical programming. At NeoraHealth, we acknowledge the above points and take the necessary measures to make our devices secure while allowing the clinical laboratory to benefit from interoperability. Learn more by Contacting Us.